"Developing European initiatives to fight match-fixing": 17-18/02/2016

Within the framework of the EU Pilot project on new integrated mechanisms for cooperation between public and private actors to identify sports betting risks, the European Commission organises a workshop on match fixing in the European Union. The workshop will analyse public-private cooperation initiatives to prevent match fixing and discuss match fixing cases, including the scale and impact of organised crime involvement. The projects which were awarded a grant under the EU pilot project will be presented at the workshop.



The Commission would like to invite representatives of the Member States, (preferably of law enforcement agencies responsible for investigations on organized crime or match fixing, representatives of the judiciary, representatives of the sports authorities and of the betting regulators) to attend the workshop. Copies of the letter are sent for information to some Member State experts, whom the Commission is informally in contact with.


The workshop will take place in Brussels, on 17-18 February 2016, in principle from 10:00 on 17 February to approximately 16h30 on 18 February. It will be held at the Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi 170, Brussels, in meeting room Sicco Mansholt.


A draft agenda is attached. Interpretation services will be provided from and into English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


For this conference the Commission is able to provide travel arrangements for two experts per Member State. Accommodation on 17 February will be provided to all participants. Accommodation on 16 February will be provided only in case no reasonable travel arrangement to Brussels is possible on 17 February, while accommodation on 18 February will be provided only in case no reasonable return travel arrangement is possible on 18 February.

The EC’s contracting travel agent will contact registered experts directly to arrange their travel and accommodation. Please note that the Commission will not be able to reimburse after the meeting the costs of travel arrangements which were made directly by the participants.


Your country's two participants could register online at https://form.iotform.com/60274317821957 by 9 February 2016 at the latest.


For any queries please contact Martina Kuderova, telephone +32-2-297.22.26; fax +; e-mail HOME-CONFISCATION@ec.europa.eu.