Gaming and betting act of 7 May 1999

In Belgium a ban on games of chance is in place. Since an absolute ban across the board once prompted the uncontrolled proliferation of illegal games of chance, the government decided to implement a policy aimed at channelling gambling activities by way of licences. To this end, the Gaming Commission was instituted by the Act of 7 May 1999 on games of chance, bets, gaming establishments and the protection of players. In a bid to appropriately guide and control the operation of games of chance, we award different types of licences.

Under the "Gaming Act 7 May 1999" header, please find the unofficial co-ordinated text of the Gaming Act in a readable version. For each statutory section, you will find the pertinent royal decrees in bold. The royal decrees that are yet to be published are marked in red.
Under the "Royal decrees" header for each statutory section you will find the pertinent royal decrees and their contents.