First paperless meeting of the BGC

On 25 October 2017, the GC organized a 100 % paperless meeting for the first time.

All documents, which would have been printed fully and put into folders in the past, will be available electronically, but will no longer be printed. In addition, the documents will be systematically projected onto the screens in the meeting room during the meetings.


In future, tablets will be put at the disposal of the commission members during the sessions of the GC. With these tablets, they can easily consult all documents via a touch screen. The collaborators of the secretariat also have access to the documents via the intranet.


This was possible thanks to the good work of the ICT cell of the secretariat of the GC. The ICT cell needed 30 days to implement the use of the tablets. This included implementation, documentation, tests, meetings and project management. In future, the commission meetings will be 100 % IT supported.


During its session of 11 May 2016, the GC decided to only work digitally in the future, in order to contribute to the climate targets. In the past, no less than 25 folders of about 160 pages were printed before similar meetings. Therefore, the new modus operandi amounts to an economy of 4,000 pages per meeting. At about 10 meetings per year, this in fact means an economy of 40,000 pages.