Celtic sponsor Dafabet excludes Belgian players

With the Champions League match between Anderlecht and Celtic in mind, Dafabet, a company operating in the online gambling market, asked the Gaming Commission for further instructions because they are mentioned as sponsors on the Celtic team’s T-shirts. The Gaming Commission appreciates the responsibility that Dafabet has taken upon itself to observe the Belgian Gaming and Betting Act, legislation that protects players against unchecked and illegal gambling.

To this end, Belgian players were denied access to the following websites: www.dafabet.com, www.dafabet.net, www.dafabetsports.com, www.dafabc.com and www.dafabc.net. Dafabet was prepared to lend its full cooperation and has followed all the instructions imposed by the Gaming Commission. The Gaming Commission is pleased that sport has been given such a key position and wishes players, supporters and all those concerned a fair match. Those who would like to contact the Gaming Commission can always send an e-mail to info@gamingcommission.be.