Manufacturers, installers and maintenance companies

Manufacturers, installers and maintenance companies of slot machines must have a licence from the Gaming Commission, namely a licence E.


Click here to see the list of all active E licences.

(Update d.d. 15/09/2021)


To apply for an E licence, please fill in this application form in full and return the form duly signed to the Gaming Commission, along with:
  1. The full identity of the company's shareholders (name, address, date and place of birth and national number);
  2. A recent (no older than three months) certificate of good conduct demonstrating that you have full civil and political rights;
  3. A copy of your personal income tax returns as well as your tax assessment notices for the last three years (+ annex 2 if you are self-employed);
  4. A copy of your company tax returns and the relevant records and supporting documents for the last three assessment years;
  5. Proof that you have the required financial resources in place to cover the € 12,500 guarantee deposit for each instalment of 50 machines, or the € 25,000 guarantee deposit if you handle the maintenance of the machines;
  6. A document in which you confirm that the situation as described in the application has not changed;
  7. An advice from the Federal Public Service of Finance that shows that there is no tax liability (no older than 3 months) – certificates can be obtained via (Flemish Region), or (Brussels Capital Region), or (Walloon Region);
  8. A list of the companies in which the managing directors/directors hold more than 20% of the shares. This list is to contain a description of their posts and the exact numbers of shares, the name of the company and its stated object.
 To apply directly for an E licence, click here.
 E licences are valid for 10 years.
To renew an E licence after 10 years, please observe the procedure explained below:
  1. A duly completed and signed class E licence application form must be submitted by letter sent by registered post addressed to the Gaming Commission's secretariat at least 5 months in advance of the licence expiry date.
  2. The application must be completed at least three months before the licence expires. For applications to be considered 'complete', the Commission must be supplied with the following documents:
  • If the licence holder is a company
- The identity of all managing directors/directors (name, first name, address, date of birth);
- A recent extract from the judicial record (no older than 3 months) of all managing directors/directors;
  • If the licence holder is a company
- The identity of all shareholders (names, first names, addresses, dates of birth) and the number of company shares held
  • If the holder is a natural person
- A copy of his/her last personal income tax assessment notice; 
  • If the holder is a company
- A copy of the last balance sheet and the annual statement of accounts;
- An up-to-date list of the companies in which the directors/managing directors and the shareholders hold at least 20% of the shares;
- An up-to-date list of companies in which the directors/managing directors and the shareholders are serving a term of office;
- A new sworn statement from the directors/managing directors declaring that they have no direct or indirect control over a A, A+, B, B+, C, D, F1, F1+, F2, G1 or G2 licence holder;
- A certificate delivered by FPS Finance declaring that the E licence holder has honoured all tax obligations incumbent on him (VAT and direct tax).