Drinking establisments

In order to operate machines of games of chance, the manager of a drinking establishment requires a C licence. A licence holder may operate a maximum of two bingo machines and two automatic machines with limited stake. A player must be at least 18 years old in order to play on a machine. At the start of a game, it will be mandatory for the player to insert his electronic identity card into the machine. Players younger than 18 will be automatically refused. The operator remains ultimately responsible for ensuring that no minors play.


Please click here to see the list of all active C licences arranged.

(Update d.d. 28/05/2021)

To apply for a C licence, please fill in this application form (the original, not a copy) and return the duly signed form to the Gaming Commission, along with:
  1. A statement from the mayor confirming that all statutory requirements for the operation of the gaming establishment have been met, or proof that a letter has been sent via registered post applying for such a statement. This statement must be an original document, signed by the mayor or an authorised representative, and must bear the municipal stamp (notice on the mayor’s statement). As per the New Local Government Act, such a delegation may be assigned to several people (first alderman, police, etc.), but they must carry official status. The proof of application must be no more than 1 month old before the application is to be processed. In various municipalities, it is the mayor himself who must deliver the statement. Delivering only proof of the application for the statement is not deemed sufficient.
  2. The company's details and the site unit in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises;
  3. An advice from the Federal Public Service of Finance that shows that there is no tax liability (no older than 3 months) – certificates can be obtained via relatiebeheer@vlaanderen.be (Flemish Region), https://fiscaliteit.brussels/fiscale-adviezen or https://fiscalite.brussels/avis-fiscaux (Brussels Capital Region), or fiscalite.wallonie@spw.wallonie.be (Walloon Region);
  4. A copy of the company's articles of association if the applicant is a legal entity;
  5. An original extract from the judicial record covering the last 3 years (only if the applicant is a foreigner).
The one-off contribution must be paid within the specified time limit. The amount of the contribution is established each year in an RD. The one-off contribution is applicable for the full duration of the C licence.

You can also apply for a C licence directly through our website.
C licences are valid for 5 years.
To discontinue the operation of games of chance in your café, please fill in this application form and return the duly signed form to the Gaming Commission, along with:
  1. A certificate delivered by the supplier of the games;
  2. Your original licence (grey document);
  3. Proof of deletion from the company register (if applicable);
  4. The signboard.