Slot machine arcades

A total of 180 B licences may be issued by the Gaming Commission on Belgian territory. This type of licence is required for operating a slot machine arcade. At the moment, all these licences have been granted. Therefore, there are now 180 slot machine arcades in Belgium. Holders of B licences may apply for the supplementary B+ licence to offer games of chance online. In common with the casinos, the minimum age for playing is 21 and it is mandatory to register.


Please click here to see the list of all active B licences.

Please click here to see the list of all active B+ licences.

(Update d.d. 13/10/2021)

To apply for a B licence, please fill in this application form and return the duly signed form to the Gaming Commission, along with:
  1. The full identity of the company's shareholders (name, address, date and place of birth, and national number);
  2. A recent (no older than three months) certificate of good conduct demonstrating that you hold full civil and political rights;
  3. Copies of your last three personal income tax returns (+ annex 2 if you are self-employed) and your tax assessment notices;
  4. Copies of your company tax returns together with the relevant records, supporting documents, statements and details supplied for the last three assessment years;
  5. A statement delivered by the mayor showing that all statutory requirements have been met. This statement must be the original document, signed by the mayor and bearing the municipal stamp;
  6. A covenant, concluded with the municipality where the gaming arcade is to have its place of business;
  7. Proof that you have the required financial resources in place to cover the € 75,000 guarantee deposit;
  8. The plans listed below:
    - A plan to 1:2500 scale of the local area around the venue, specifying any educational institutions, hospitals, places that are mainly visited by young people, places where religious worship services are held and prisons;
    - A plan of the gaming arcade with the various rooms (including private premises) and the location of all gaming machines;
  9. A document in which you confirm that the situation as described in the application has not changed;
  10. A list of the companies in which the managing directors/directors hold more than 20% of the shares. This list is to contain a description of their post and the exact number of shares, the name of the company and its stated object;
  11. An advice from the Federal Public Service of Finance that shows that there is no tax liability (no older than 3 months) – certificates can be obtained via (Flemish Region), or (Brussels Capital Region), or (Walloon Region);
  12. A statement on the activities undertaken by the managing directors/directors in any company requiring an E licence.
You can also apply for a B licence directly through our website.
B licences are valid for 9 years.
To apply for a supplementary B+ licence, please fill in this application form in full.