The licence A is required for the operation of a casino. In Belgium, the maximum number of A licences that can be granted at the same time is set at 9. Therefore 9 casinos can be operated in Belgium. This has resulted in 4 casinos in Flanders (in Blankenberge, Knokke, Middelkerke and Oostende), 4 casinos in Wallonia (in Chaudfontaine, Dinant, Namen and Spa) and 1 casino in Brussels. A supplementary licence A+ is required for offering casino games online. You must be at least 21 years old before you can play in a casino. It is mandatory or the clients to register themselves.

Please click here to see the list of all active A licences. 

Please click here to see the list of all active A+ licences.

(Update d.d. 15/09/2021)

To apply for an A licence, please fill in this application form in full and return the duly signed form to the Gaming Commission, along with:
  1. A recent (no older than three months) extract from the judicial record;
  2. A recent (no older than three months) certificate of good conduct demonstrating that you hold full civil and political rights;
  3. Copies of your last three personal income tax returns (+ annex 2 if you are self-employed) and your tax assessment notices;
  4. Copies of your company tax returns together with the relevant records, supporting documents, statements and details supplied for the last three assessment years;
  5. The identity of all shareholders;
  6. The names, first names and national numbers (for Belgian shareholders) OR the full identity (for foreign shareholders);
  7. The number of shares per shareholder;
  8. A copy of the concession agreement concluded between the operator and the municipality where the gaming establishment is to have its place of business;
  9. An advice from the Federal Public Service of Finance that shows that there is no tax liability (no older than 3 months) – certificates can be obtained via (Flemish Region), or (Brussels Capital Region), or (Walloon Region);
  10. Proof that you have the required financial resources in place to cover the € 250,000 guarantee deposit.
 All licences are valid for 15 years.
 To apply for a supplementary A+ licence, please fill in this application form in full.