The control unit of the Gaming Commission regularly carries out inspections in the field. These actions can take place both in the licensed gaming facilities and in illegal gaming joints or private residences. The inspectors are particularly on the look-out for illegal gambling, poker and prohibited automatic slot machines.

To streamline the numerous inspections, the Commission can resort to the support from various units. The cooperation with these services has allowed the Gaming Commission to carry out many successful inspections in the past, which have resulted in, for example, the closure of illegal gaming joints or sanctions being imposed on licence holders.

  • FPS Finance - Gaming and Bett ing Department

    To guarantee a correct collection of the taxes on games of chance, the Gaming Commission works closely with the FPS Finance. In the casinos, use is made of video and audio surveillance to monitor money streams.


  • Board of Procurators General, Public Prosecutors offices and police departments

    The Gaming Commission works closely with the various police departments for inspecting and punishing illegal games of chance. For this purpose, the Commission also maintains contacts with the Board of Procurators General and the Public Prosecutors. When establishing an infringement of the Gaming and Betting Act, the Gaming Commission draws up a report that is submitted to the Public Prosecutor. He decides whether or not to prosecute. The Public Prosecutors give priority especially to illegal games of chance where minors or criminal organisation are involved.


  • Financial Intelligence Processing Unit (CFI)

    The collaboration with the CFI is mainly concerned with the fight against money laundering. Games of chance are a possible way of laundering illegal money. The Gaming Commission has a supervisory function in the execution of
    the Money Laundering Act of 11 January 1993.