Notice: the use of the EPIS database (19 December 2008, update 4 December 2013)

In response to the many queries regarding Class I and II gaming establishments, some clarification is required on the appropriate use of EPIS.

Personal details must be entered in the same way as they are recorded on the official identity documents, whereby accents, upper and lower case spelling are to be observed.
Some observations:
  • Name: compound names must be entered using spaces as appropriate;
For women who have their place of residence in France the maiden name should be used (not the partner's family name).
  • First name: only the first name is to be entered (i.e. the part that comes before the first space);
If no first name has been recorded, enter “*” (asterisk);
If dealing with a composite first name (involving a " - " to separate the distinct parts of the first name) the full name is to be entered;
Please note: do not get the first name and the family name mixed up, especially in the case of foreigners staying in Belgium (the family name comes before the first name in all cases).
  • Date of birth: if only a year of birth has been specified, enter the date as: 01 January xxxx (xxxx = year of birth in 4 digits)
Inaccessibility of the database
Please note that the server is refreshed at regular intervals which may cause the EPIS system to be inaccessible for a few minutes.