Notice: operational character of the bingo machines for 1 January 2015 – modus operandi (8 January 2014)

- The "E" licence holder (manufacturer of bingo machines) is building kits that comply with the requirements for 2015 (see below). The kits need to be ready by late March 2014.
- The Metrology tests need to be completed by the end of June 2014.
- As soon as the kits are available, the "E" licence holder (manufacturer of bingo machines) is to make sure that, with each upgrade or variant, the "E" licence holder (installer of the bingo machine) is also provided with a kit that contains the new hardware (glass protection, eID card, etc.). It is not a requirement for him to activate the software.
- For all machines, the "E" licence holder (installer) is to be provided with the kits and complete the installation of new hardware by 01 October 2014 at the latest.
- The "E" licence holder (installer) is to estimate the space of time required to activate the update of all machines and to launch the adaptations so that all of his bingo machines are compliant with the "2015" requirements by 01 January 2015 at the latest.          

 Reminder of adaptations that are to be activated before 01 January 2015:
- Activation of the eID card
- Activation of the "switch glass" detection
- Activation of the 5% rule (R.D. 02 March 2004 list III section 1).
- Communication of the "Nbr_Door_Open" to the "online".
- Removal (to calculate the hourly loss) of the 120-second flat rate and application of the same principle that applies to the Class IV machines (calculation based on the average minimum time multiplied by 2).  
Warning inspections will be conducted on the ground during the first quarter of 2015. As from 1 April 2015 the operators who are in breach of regulations will be put on report.